Hair Cutting & Styling

Short, long, straight, curly, wavy to highly textured - Aveda professionals will create a cut and style to suit your look and lifestyle.  All haircuts include a shampoo and blow dry.  Please note that the service price depends on level of experience of your provider.

At Georgetown Aveda we perform three techniques that can be confusing.  Here is a simple guide that will help you understand the difference between a single-color process, highlights, babylights, and balayage.  Here, we will discuss each of these techniques to explain the differences.


One step COLOR

Single-color process or one step color.  This color process is for the entire head.  It not only covers gray but covers from the roots to the ends..



Highlights are sectioning out pieces of hair and applying some type of lightener from root to tip to create dimension in the hair.  Traditional highlights are usually created using foils.  Using foil allows the lightener to penetrate deeper into the hair by conducting heat better than plastic film or open-air processing.



Balayage comes from the French word balayer meaning to sweep.  It is a free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural blended, sun-kissed color gradation of lightness towards the ends.  Simply put, balayage is a highlighting technique and not a color.  No foils are used.  Due to its simplicity and stunning results, balayage is one of the most popular highlighting methods being used right now.



Babylights are used to create dimension in the hair by lightening small sections of hair.  The difference, though, lies in the amount of hair in each section, and the separation between sections.  By coloring only micro-strands of hair, the babylights technique results in subtle, naturally Sunkissed looking hair.


Hair Care

(Shampoo & Blow Dry Included)


Women's Haircut with StyleMen's HaircutChild's HaircutShampoo & Blow DryThermal (add-on)Relaxer (no finish)Relaxer with finishSpecial Occasion StylingHair Extensions(Bellami & Great Lenghts)Formatl Updo From $110From $65$35$60ConsultationFrom $65From $175$125Consultation From $120 


Aveda is completely Natural and 100% VEGAN.  Aveda Hair color is naturally derived with gentle, plant-based processing and conditioning.  Services does not include cut or blow dry and styling.

One Step ProcessBabylightsPartial BabylightsFull HighlightsPartial HighlightsBalayageGentlemen’s Gray BlendingCorrective ColorGlossFrom $90From $160From $140From $150From $110From $170From $75ConsultationFrom $45



Women's Haircut with Style

Men's Haircut

Child's Haircut

Shampoo & Blow Dry

Thermal (add-on)

Relaxer (no finish)

Relaxer with finish

Special Occasion Styling

Hair Extensions

(Bellami & Great Lenghts)

Formatl Updo


From $110

From $65




From $65

From $175




From $120



Aveda is now completely Natural and 100% VEGAN.  Aveda Hair color is naturally derived with gentle, plant-based processing and conditioning.


One Step Process


Partial Babylights

Full Highlights

Partial Highlights


Gentlemen’s Gray Blending

Corrective Color


From $90

From $160

From $140

From $150

From $110

From $170

From $75


From $45